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8 oz. Red-Hot Pepper Jelly

Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.

8 oz. Red-Hot Pepper Jelly

Price: $7.50
Our traditional jalapeno pepper jelly, the names a bit deceiving. Our regular pepper jellies were our flagship products and we named them accordingly to keep it simple. Restaurants use our RED HOT because they know it will please everyone's pallet, yet it is full of flavor. They use it on, or with just about anything, making it our most versatile jelly, everyone likes it. The jalapenos are added simply to gain more flavor, not to burn your mouth.
Note: Minimum order of 2 jars is required.
12 or more jars, we pay shipping.
18 or more = $.50 OFF EACH JAR PLUS free shipping
Gift Boxes are also available.

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