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8 oz. Beyond Buzztail Pepper Jelly

Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.

8 oz. Beyond Buzztail Pepper Jelly

Price: $9.00
Get bit by our Beyond Buzztail. Only habaneros are used in this one for the true chilehead. This one will really get the endorphins pumping. Besides the usual jumping, screaming, cussing and sweating, you wouldn't believe some of the descriptions we've heard. Among them a true fiend said, "There's a party going on in my mouth, and everyone is invited." About a minute later the party was in his throat, and about an our later he came back and invited everybody to a party in his entire body! Set yourself on fire with our Habanero Pepper Jelly. It's the 1st place winner of the 1997 National Fiery Food Challange.
Note: Minimum order of 2 jars is required.
12 or more jars, we pay shipping.
18 or more = $.50 OFF EACH JAR PLUS free shipping
Gift Boxes are also available .

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